The Advantages of Renting

Renting allows you to invest and earn interest on what would have been
your down payment and closing costs.

There are no mortgage points to pay, no mortgage for you to guarantee, no
broker to pay.

Renting guarantees your monthly costs for your lease period. Therefore,
you have no worries over rising maintenance and tax costs.

You are provided with professional property management and
maintenance. If something needs fixing, it will be done for you, efficiently
and quickly. You’ll never cut the grass if you are renting an apartment.

You are free from the inconvenience and cost of home repairs, painting,
replacements and maintenance. These generally run 2% of the value of
the dwelling
($2,000 a year on a $100,000 house!!)

You have more leisure time and more amenities and facilities to enjoy.
Home ownership does not usually include items such as a swimming pool,
tennis court, fitness center and activity center.

Renting provides you with freedom. This is particularly important to those
subject to job transfer and/or changing economic and family conditions.

Real estate is no longer appreciating at its former pace in most areas. In
fact, assuming normal fee and transaction costs, you may have to live in
your house for several years before you can break even.